In John 4, Jesus tells the woman at the well that true worshippers worship God in Spirit and in truth. From this, we derive the following characteristics that we seek to exemplify in our Sunday morning worship services.

| Truth-based

We believe that true worship of and affection for God arise out of the truth of God.  Therefore, we seek to saturate our worship with biblical truth and let our emotions be a response to it.

| God-focused

We believe that God is the only object of true worship and that worship is only possible because of his initiative. Therefore, we seek to focus the content of our worship more on who he is and what he’s done for us and less on us and what we do for God.

| Jesus-centered

We believe that true worship is only possible because Jesus is the new temple whose once-and-for-all sacrifice cleanses us from sin and allows us to enter God’s presence. Therefore we seek to make the Gospel (Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection) the center stage both in the content and shape of our worship.

| Spirit-enabled

We believe that it is the job of the Spirit to produce worship in us. As we come to the truth of God in the Gospel, he opens our eyes to see and fills our hearts with praise. Therefore, we seek to be completely dependent on the Holy Spirit every week to do what we are unable to do.