glenkirkAs our country was in the midst of the 9/11 crisis of 2001, the Lord was planting the seeds of a tree of life that would be called Grace Church of Gainesville. After almost a decade of experience assisting and equipping others to plant churches, God had impressed on the heart of our founding pastor, Rod Fultz, to plant a church that he would be responsible for shepherding.

The Southern Baptist Conservatives (SBC) of Virginia and Emmanuel Baptist Church (Manassas) had a vision to begin a work in the rapidly expanding Gainesville area and called Rod to lead out in the effort. Practically speaking, without the generous financial support of the SBC of VA, Grace Church could not have been established.

In January 2002, with a core group of nine adults, the Fultz’s began weekly Bible studies and door to door outreach, as well as some advertising. On May 5, 2002 Grace Church held its first public worship service where a small crowd gathered in an old office building to see what this new work was about.

4727301125_3dfb4945ac_zDuring the first eight years of our existence the congregation averaged between 100 – 120 in attendance and saw many conversions. Even in a transient society God has been continuing to add to our number steadily, and for the past few years we have been gathered with over 150 each Sunday morning.

By God’s grace, the congregation purchased 12 acres on Rt. 15 in Gainesville in 2003. With even more favor, we were able to pay off that mortgage in full in 2012 and are now eagerly saving to build our first building.

Our goal from the beginning has been to be a launching pad for the gospel to the nations. In 2012 we sent out our first family to work among Muslim peoples in Asia. In 2014 we prayerfully encouraged a 2nd family to move to the Middle East, also attempting to relationally reach Muslims. We are praying this trend continues and expands!

Looking at 2015 and beyond, the fellowship of the people and their heart to grow in godliness has never been sweeter. May the Lord continue pour out His Spirit on His church, and may we be found faithful until the Day of His return!