ur values and our mission at Grace Church are intricately linked together. By calling us to Himself, God has decided that we would be His children through faith in the gospel of His Son. Therefore our identity is also our mission – we are people of the gospel.

Our aim is to be continually participating in the gospel as a church family and as individual members of the body of Christ. We do that by participating with God in becoming…

People Shaped by the Gospel

The good news that God would send His only Son to live and die and be raised from the dead, in our place, is a reality that we want to permeate and direct every decision and affection of our life. We want our affections for this triune God to be freshly kindled by the truths of the gospel on a daily basis. The result of which being that the way we relate to Him and to other people is continually becoming more like the way Jesus does those things. In fact, we desire that His resurrection power in us would actually live His life through our bodies. We want His displays of sacrificial love (seen most clearly in the cross) to lead us to deny our selfish way of life and to step by step begin to love others sacrificially. We want the implications of the gospel (taught so clearly in the epistles of the New Testament) to increasingly define us as people who are not our own but have been bought with a price. In short, as people of the gospel, we want to continually be decreasing in order that Jesus might increase.

People Sharing the Gospel

God has redeemed us in order to be integral participants in His redemptive plan for this generation. The Holy Spirit shapes us into vessels fitted for God’s use for the purpose of making the gospel known to those around us. While all the gifts of the body work together displaying the goodness of a transformed life, it is the actual speaking of the Word that God uses to save other sinners. We aim to always be ready to give an account of the hope within us, yet with gentleness and respect. We pray that God will open doors for us to speak to people the Words of life which are able to save their soul and actually continue to transform us as we speak them.

People Sure of the Gospel

In the midst of a world where nothing stays the same, we aim to be people who understand both the power and the promise of the God who has once for all displayed His love for us in Jesus Christ. We want the living hope of eternal life through the gospel to be the foundation of our everyday living. We learn and teach the truths of Scripture (interpreted through the lens of the New Testament) so as to be sure of everything God has revealed to us in the Bible about Himself, about ourselves, and about our certain future in His eternal kingdom. These precious promises are the anchor of our soul, because they teach us to trust in the One who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

A few characteristics…

  •  We are Evangelical and therefore believe that the Bible is God’s Word and is therefore without error and is our final authority for all matters of life and doctrine. Second, it means we believe people need to respond to the gospel of Christ in order to be saved.

  •  We are Reformed in our theology and therefore embrace a view of the teaching of Scripture that places God at the center of all things, and places emphasis on the activity of God and the glory of God in saving sinners.

  •  We are Baptistic in practice and therefore believe that believer’s baptism is the step of Christian obedience which publicly identifies a believer with Jesus and His church.

  •  We are Gospel-Centered in philosophy and therefore seek to put the Gospel at the center of everything we do and teach.