God Demands Your Whole Heart – Judges 1-3

When Israel was entering the promised land, God commanded them to not allow any remnant of the previous inhabitants or their gods to remain because he wanted their whole heart. However, Israel disobeyed God’s command and allowed a few Canaanites to stick around, thinking they could control them.  In the same way, we sometimes like to keep a piece of our heart for ourselves, not allowing God to reign over every area of our lives.  The results will be disastrous; but God, in his grace, has given us Savior-Judge to rescue us from our sin and help us give 100% of our hearts to him.

| Discussion question:

Recognizing that there are a million things (good and bad) that compete for our heart’s affections every day, what is one practical way that we can fight to make sure 100% of our heart belongs to God?

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    Zach Sprowls says

    Fasting. Fasting has always helped me fix my affections on Jesus, especially when I fast from things that aren’t bad but seem to dull my love for Jesus. Netflix is a perfect example. I think we would all do well to take occasional breaks from our media intake.

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